Team Elite Custom Printed Reversible Water Polo Caps


Team Elite Custom Printed Reversible Silicone Water Polo Caps. We have supplied these caps to many Water Polo Teams and also some swimming clubs. Swim Clubs tend to have two of their club colours printed either side - they can look REALLY good, and they are a great 'two for one' cap option. They are supplied as a seamless silicone cap and we will do all the artwork for you.

Water Polo Cap sets can either be supplied as sets - in thirteens, numbers 1 -13, with a red cap for the goalies (printed blue one side, white the other) and with numbers 2 -13 reversible Blue and white, numbered caps. Or the caps can be printed with a School or Club logo and be simply reversible, or numbered, as wanted - they are very popular! Great for Ladies Water Polo Teams.

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